Some tools that we have...

This is a 7x12 mini lathe purchased from Homier. We don't use it much but does come in handy for making parts for bearings and turning down the ends of acme screws. The quick change tool holder by TS Engineering Inc. was purchased from Little Machine Shop when they were in town for the NAMES model engineering show. They gave us a free tool holder as a show special.

Another mini lathe upgrade, a 5" 3-jaw chuck purchased from Little Machine Shop We ordered it with the adapter plate and mounting studs. It took about 5 minutes to remove the 3" and install the considerably larger sized 5" chuck.

Using the X3 mill, I made some new lathe tool holders out of 6061. The one in the middle is the original tool holder by TS Engineering. The 60 degree dovetail cutter was $13 from Enco.

A Harbor Freight 4x6 metal cutting bandsaw. Use to cut stock with a hacksaw but this saves time and elbow grease. We broke a few carbon blades but have switched over to a Bi-Metal one. It seems to work better.

We have a Delta 16 1/2" floor standing drill press in our woodworking shop that gets used a lot. I installed this simple DRO using a Harbor Freight 6" composite caliper that was on sale for $7. The caliper is made of plastic so it was easy to modify and drill holes to mount it. The digital readout has .01" resolution, good enough for drilling.

High Tech  Systems Modular Work Holding

We received our Modular Work Holding System from High Tech Systems This is a 4"x14" aluminum plate with a series of 10-32 tapped holes for using cam type clamp screws to hold down work pieces. The cam screws work very well. The plate should be mounted directly on the mill table to maximize rigidity.


I bought this German Albrecht 1/2" capacity keyless chuck on eBay for $85. Its in almost new condition and came in original plastic packing sleeve container. Pretty good deal on a very expensive keyless chuck.

Bought this Noga magnetic base mount on eBay for $30 in really good condition. The adjustablity of this is so much easier and faster than the cheap chinese mag base that I had before. Well worth the cost to have one around the shop.