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Some images showing how a Finger Board can be expanded using a prototyping board. Female headers were soldered on the board to make it easy to insert and remove the Finger Board. 8 digital input and 8 digital output ports were added using the JP9 chip select expansion header. A Maxim187 12bit A/D was also added to acquire higher resolution analog input signals. The Maxim187 is a SPI compatible serial A/D which makes it simple to interface. A header was installed to connect our MiniDaq acquisition board. This gives the Finger Board 8 more channels of 12bit bipolar A/D input.

The above circuits were added without using any of the 68HC11 Port A I/O pins. These I/O pins are set aside for DC motor and PWM servo control. Size of the protoboard was not an issue when we created this prototype. You can use a smaller board for your application by packing your circuits underneath and around the Finger Board.

The circuit was constructed on a prototyping board made by Vero. Similar boards can be found at Radio Shack under "General Purpose PCB boards". Kynar wire (wirewrap) was used to connect the IC's using point to point soldering techniques.

Protoboard - Top
Protoboard with Finger Board
Protoboard - Bottom